Saturday 10 February 2024

Local Action.


 On Tuesday just gone I dropped the kids off at school and nursery, that left me with a dilemma as to what to do, chill at home for a few hours before heading back out to get them at 3pm or go fishing... 

 It was an easy decision of course 😂, not a big one at just over 7lbs but a healthy bend was put in the rod as I aimed to keep that feisty Barbel out of the snags in the far-side undercut which it did visit momentarily but the well balanced tackle did it's job well.

 Release of that powerhouse below ⬇⬇⬇⬇

 Available via YouTube where there are other videos too ----) Chalk stream Barbel 

 Before the Barbel downstream I did have a surprise Brown Trout that was easily over 3lbs, very good to see them frequenting the lower reaches. Half past one came and that heralded my exit so I can make the 13 mile journey back home in time to collect the kids, t'was a nice way to spend 3hrs.

 Not quite the elation felt a few nights previous, that capture will be remembered until the day I kick the bucket. Still perched on cloud nine and smile everytime I see the pics.


  1. Well something had to knock that monster barbel off the top of the page! Still a beauty!!

    1. I didn't want to knock it off! But it was going to happen, I'll probably repost every Sunday :)

  2. 13 miles in 90 mins!!! Oh, how I miss driving down there. Nice catch too!

    1. I know, its dreadful! That said, I did from my house this morning to the BT tower in Fitzrovia in a shade over an hour!! That when the kids are at school is usually 1hr 45min and some sometimes!


Six Foot.

   Well, winter still hasn't arrived and the rivers are in a constant state of flood, now for Barbel that isn't the end of the world...