Sunday 21 April 2024

Back on the Bream Trail.


 After that slow but very fruitful start to my spring Bream campaign I headed back out with the view to building upon what was a result beyond my expectations. Fish exceeding my new PB are certainly present and given my specimen fishing background I never stand still, a 16lb+ fish is now my target and on Thursday opted to get back out.

Ready and waiting.

 The evening before I had a peek at the forecast which didn't fill me with much confidence, my only consolation is that I've caught them in 30c+ on summer days and pressure of 1035mb+. I set off fairly early as its an hour and half drive each way and knew a few carp boys would be looking to follow the wind, this for the Bream is where I'd feel most confident of locating them and after walking round the pit twice with the glasses on I found a pod of 30 fish just basking but thought if I had found some I could try to get them down on the deck grubbing around.

FAF! 😅

 My tactic as usual was a;

- 90g open end feeder 

- 4" 10lb acolyte flourocarbon hooklink fished to a size 8 - 12lb mainline (only fishing stepped up owing to the carp present to over 50lbs!)

Fished with 2x 12mm Robin Red pellets.

 Also with this venue in particular I use a back-lead as the undertow is awful and without it presentation can be compromised. By 9am I was fishing and spodded out around 10 spods of 2 & 6mm pellet, given the water temp I didn't want to over feed, and only get more loose feed out if the Bream got feeding and I was seeing that as a return in fish on the bank.

Beautiful day, not quite Bream weather mind you. 

 As is always the case with fishing big waters you never know what is going to happen and after 10hrs of trying I got one half hearted pick-up. Not what I was hoping for and those Bream I saw remained for most of the day, out there in front of me at around 40/50 yards, so I'm sure if they decided to feed I would have picked off fish, alas, this time I drew a blank, but you never know, I could have landed an absolute monster, they do reside in these waters!.


  1. Back at it James. Nice to be out. I always conclude if I can see them, I wont catch them. Always favouring to catch the unknown... saying that, I love to stalk fish, although it usually takes longer than I think.

    1. A case of having to at this time of year, those big Bream will now be holding weight until the temps increase and get them spawning. I just hope to get out at least one more time before then!

      As for seeing them, yes it is almost the kiss of death, if you can see them you probably won't catch them, but knowing they are there is half the battle won.

  2. Bream drifting just below the surface are never easy to catch - unless you have a grappling hook.

    1. No, they never are, but just hope as the sun drops the fish do too, unfortunately the fish just didn't feed. Another time they might.

      As for the grappling hook, I keep forgetting to pack one! it's a great shout.


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