Sunday 21 January 2018

Winter Roving, Excellent Sport.

 During the winter most barbel anglers either go static in their approach or completely put their gear away and await the opening of the new season, I, however look forward to the time of the year when we have increased flows and less weed to work around. Long trots using bread, free lining or rolling all manner of baits is very much the flavour of the winter and this doesn't mean just big rivers, it's also a good tactic for smaller waters where stealth is absolutely integral to catching.

 Last weekend I had a short session squeezed in after a morning of clearing up and I wasn't left in any doubt that it was a great decision, not even three hours of marching around, possibly trying my luck in twenty spots I had the pleasure of three fighting fit barbel, all of which were of good size with two weighing 8lb+ ( 8.02 & 8.06 ) and the biggest at 10lb 6oz.

The 8.02 which was a real stunner.
This was the double in fine fettle.

The bend on that !

 The Mark IV doing its very best to tame anything it can connect with, so far I've had carp to 28lb 3oz, chub to 5lb 9oz and barbel to 10lb 7oz, I am hoping next season it will tame even more beasts as it will make more trips out with me.


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  2. Great blog, enjoyed that. Not sure I will be barbel fishing up here in January - you never know?..........


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