Monday, 1 October 2012

Short weekend sessions.


 On Saturday my brother Chris and myself decided to go out for a brief session in search of a Chub or two, not knowing that the river was coloured up due to a bit of rain that stayed around, I didn't get to stalk the Chub as planned so it was a case of fishing the spots that we know they frequent and within a few minutes Chris had a Chub on around 2lb 8oz and as he was fishing that swim I popped up river to have a look to find something to have a cast at and in the shallower water I could make out a sizeable shape sat on the bottom behind some debris, seeing that sat there I went back down to grab the rod and get some bait, back into the swim first cast and waited for about 3 minutes and the rod thumped around stripping line off of the centre-pin like a Barbel which I knew it wasn't, but the fight was very refreshing for a Chub considering they normally come in like a plastic bag off of the bottom.

Chris and his Chub.

My Chub at 4.1.
 As we had a couple of Chub we decided to head down river and have a go in a few other swims rolling a bait through but didn't seem to get much more of a response and towards the end of the session put a bait out and maybe wait for one to come to us but our plan didn't pay off and packed up early after just a while on the river.
Yesterday again my brother came out with me to have a go for some Perch to a known spot between us guys in the family up in Elmbridge on one the River Mole's relief channels and the spot was a big wier that has a huge slack in the inside and main flow on the far side, the target were the Perch that shoal up here and some of them are massive, well over 3lb and a good head of 2lb + fish aswell and not to mention it is littered with jack Pike and a few decent Pike and Zander.
 Chris had chosen to use a spinner through the wier and I had chosen to use a dendrobeana on a perch-bobber on the pin "Bernard Cribbins style" of fishing and poised for a soldier to take my bait, I cast tight to a overhanging bush as it was in the ideal position to find a Perch and my logic didn't take too long to pay off as the float started to dance around for a moment or two before it slowly went under by which time I had pulled into it and a wee stripey kited around the swim before coming in, first one in of the day about 6-7oz.
 The first not a biggey but it was a start and Chris swapped over onto the float and worm aswell to try and catch some as he didn't have any joy on spinner after about 20minutes on it, the next cast for me produced something I have only caught once before and that was a Ruffe, a very pretty coloured fish with tints of metallic flashing off of its flanks, how it took my worm is a mystery!, it must have waited until it got whittled away before it took the bait.

As the session went on Chris and I had quite a few Perch all around the 8oz mark but nothing bigger and after about an hour of Perch coming out I had another surprise in the form of a Rudd, on a worm?? never done it before but there you go first for everything I guess.
After pulling quite a few fish in we were both surprised that pike hadn't taken any of our fish and we knew they were there as 3 or 4 took fish off of the top the biggest looking around the 12-13lb mark, but as dusk was approaching we decided we had our fun and headed off home, I'll be back at some point for the big Perch I know they're there it's just getting through the small hungry perch or locating the bigger Perch in the wier as it is deep and a vast piece of water to fish.

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