Saturday, 2 February 2013

Chevin hunting.

 Recently I have been searching the rivers for a 5lb plus Chub and so far it has produced more Barbel, over the last few sessions with the large Chub as my target I haven't managed to hit my target with my best weighing 4lb 14oz which in fairness is close enough but one a little bigger would be great.

 Today was no different, I spent the day catching Chub with some of them giving me a decent fight compared to what they normally provide you with and some smaller skelly's thrown in, throughout the day, I tried a range of different spots and with the river up a few inches and carrying a lot of colour it allowed me to rove around almost undetected.

 Armed with all the baits you would associate with Chub, finding the Chub was the hardest part once I found them they were practically throwing themselves at it, with a few hours out in the nice sunshine I finished up with a nice tally of fifteen Chub with the largest at 4lb 5oz not quiet a monster but for this small system a fairly impressive size but the 5's do live here, so I'll be back to find them.

Biggest of the day at 4lb 5oz.
Another 4lb Chub almost pristine.
Connected to a decent Chub in the coloured backwaters.
A typical swim, plenty of Chub around and it looks ideal for a big Chevin.
 My Chub scorecard for the day:
3lb 8oz
3lb 5oz
4lb 5oz
2lb 15oz
3lb 14oz
3lb 7oz
2lb 13oz
3lb 10oz
4lb 4oz
4lb 1oz
2lb 2oz
4lb 0oz
2lb 6oz
3lb 2oz
3lb 8oz
For a total of: 51lb 3oz of Chub.


  1. That sounded an exceptional trip for the Chevin James, certainly some very exciting sport,mind if I call you butter? Because you're certainly on a roll!

    1. I was happy with that turn out and the river looked real good for it. Cheers Mark.

  2. A great days chubbing. I'm after a 5 pounder at the moment, been getting them to 4lb 13oz. But what an exceptional bag of fish, I'm happy with one!

    1. Hello Jimmy, a 5lb Chub is actually my target but I'm catching plenty of but I want a big one, apart from the Thames they don't get much bigger than 6lb, good luck with your Chub hunting, a 5 will come sooner or later, the rivers you fish look so good aswell.

  3. Another great days fishing.
    15 chub in a day is good for any river.

    1. Thanks Mike, I enjoyed the day but it peetered out after 3pm, not a touch for 4 hours, but the early part of the session was fast and furious, very enjoyable.