Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fluff Chucking Part Two.

 After a week since my last outing with the fly gear I decided to go back out in search of Brown Trout, having not been selected for today's game I had a rare Saturday at my disposal and with the sun out and not a cloud in the sky the condition's were almost perfect, but when I'd got down to my chosen beat the wind was almost non-existent which was a far cry from last week's hairdryer gales, so the conditions were even better.

 I brought along a different selection of flies this time to try and mix it up and find out what flies get responses and which ones don't, I really fancied it today more than I did last weekend due to the fact I should be able to cast and lay my fly line in it's intended path.

 I had only been walking 5-10 minutes and I had already seen a couple of good sized Trout but they were in spots that weren't viable to cast to, so I had to watch them and move, seeing them made it hard as I couldn't fish for them because the swims I had fish from last weekend were devoid of fish this week, was just showing me how much they move around, so for the first hour or so I was faced with seeing Trout in the swims I could not fish and the swims I could cast in had nothing to fish for.

 But with perseverance I did manage to find a swim that both had a fish in it and that I could cast to it, on my first cast down and the retrieve I had a follow from a nice brownie, so not to waste anytime I quickly cast back down and as it hit the surface the Trout rose and nailed my fly, instantly leaping 3ft into the air I was in to a good fish, it charged constantly around and stripping line, just to add to it as well she ploughed through a bunch of sticks in the inside edge which nearly snapped me up, using 4lb tippet that wouldn't have been hard, but after another 4 or 5 leaps and a couple of minutes she was in the net and reviving. A lovely fish that had fantastic markings and colour.

 A pristine 3lbs 5ozs Brown Trout.
 A few of the Trout here are very silvery so it was very nice to catch a properly coloured one, but after that catching that I did manage to find more Trout but again they were in very obscure positions and casting to them wasn't possible and in amongst that shoal were 4 brown Trout to about 4lb an a few Chub to around 5lb maybe even bigger but the Trout were my only target, so I watched and waited to see if they were going to a more accessible position but after 5 minutes of hoping it became clear they weren't going to move, so I was on the move again.
 Another hour or so had elapsed with not a fish in sight, I was starting to think that was going to be action for the day, albeit a fish not a monster but a wet net and a bend in the rod is all I really came out for and to relax whilst wetting a line, the day though was to get another piece of action when I was tracking upstream I noticed a brownie sat in mid stream just off the bottom so I came away from the margins and moved 10 yrds up and when I peered over the edge slowly I noticed the Trout moved up with me, so I had to push up another 10 yrds to get in a casting position, when I did it took about 5 casts to get it to even show an ounce of interest but all that commotion of that fly passing over it's head on about the sixth cast he came up and nailed the fly with serious vigour, it's been a while since I've had a take that violent and the Trout certainly didn't like being hooked, constantly shaking it head and leaping out the water trying to break free, the light gear was being put through it's paces again, these Trout can fight and very well too.
 My first cock fish for a long time, all that I've been catching recently have been hen Trout, so it was good to see a male fish on the bank, another three pound + fish banked the head of Trout here are pretty good.

3lbs 1ozs of pure power, notice the small kype.

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