Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A bit of a mix.

 The last couple of weeks finding time to go fishing has been very difficult and when I've managed to get out it has been for fairly short sessions, these sessions have been for a range of fish, Chub, Barbel and Brown Trout, the Brown Trout trip was actually made in the back end of September and I was accompanied by James Snr, or the old man as I call him, we both fished a rod each and both did reasonably well, but the day was dad's with the capture of a superb brownie of 4lbs 4ozs, a real chunky fish but I did have my opportunity to catch a large Trout but when I hooked it the line glanced it's teeth and she was gone, great shame but a good result for James and he left a happy man but I did manage a couple myself.

 A perfect formed male, which fought extremely well and only his second Trout of the season, the guide was shown how to do it. Well done though old bean.
  A very dark coloured Brownie around the pound mark, a good little fight but very short lived the take shook the life out of me, taken by surprise I was.
  Another good little Trout with some very distinctive marking and at 2lb 6oz it is about average, a good stamp of Trout, also a great looking Trout below in fine Autumn condition, which was overcame with the impressive Seeley cane rod.

 The last Trout above was another stunning fish of a shade over 3lbs, the Trout fishing really was great fun and losing a big one is always a bitter pill to swallow but that's fishing, but it was good to see dad out fishing as he doesn't get out on the banks very often, so I wasn't to begrudge him the limelight, well in.

 Also I had a brief trip out for Barbel too, only briefly though and did manage to Barbel one was caught on the ever faithful rolling meat and also had one on ledgered Cheese, which is usually a Chub bait but one Barbel certainly was hungry enough to take it. The first one was just over 5lbs and the second one exactly 6lb both not large but of an average size and the fun is all good.

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