Sunday 13 October 2013

Pocket Rocket.

 An early morning start for a Barbel was my plan for a couple of hours to beat the rain, my tactic was relatively simple with a link ledger employed to get the bait on the bottom, with the river up around a foot and colored I fished the spots I know and with lots of debris along with leaves coming down it made holding bottom difficult, but with all that assumption based approach to my fishing, within two minutes my rod slammed around downstream, but funnily enough I didn't see the take, I was feeding a friendly Robin behind me and the butt of the rod smacked my ankle which alerted me and the fish didn't need hooking as the take was sufficient enough to set the size 8 barbless and after a good fight as usual a Barbel appeared out of the murky water and headed straight into the net, that was quick......a nice little Barbel too, perfectly formed and immaculate, one for the future and on the centrepin and cane rod it was most enjoyable.

Another 4lber, good fun.

Mrs Redbreast, feeding that nearly cost me a Barbel.

This was the picture for an hour after that, not a touch.

 I fished for another couple of hours with Stu in a few swims down river but there was no more activity but a nice morning out and was joined by a pair of Kingfisher's no doubt trying to find somewhere to hunt but their job must be so much more difficult in deeper water and the clarity of the water being non-existent, some more Pike fishing is now on the agenda, 2 Barbel in 2 trips isn't a bad return.

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