Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Tiddler Bashing.

 Over the last few days in between the appauling weather I have managed a couple of short trips out, the first being a quick outing with my younger brother Richard for a spin with our extra light gear and we spent around an hour out and I for once blanked but was shown how to do it, Richard banking two small Pike with the biggest around 3.8lb the other a little jack just over a pound, I did have a couple of knocks and did have a fish on at one point but it was so tentative I didn't strike, only realised it was on when the line zipped out into the bay but it then shook the lure free.

 Since that trip though the weather had turned very nasty and all the rivers are swollen, most of which burst their banks and causing wipespread distruction, over Christmas day we only had a small amount of rain but still didn't help matters, this morning before boxing day dinner I had a short roving session for a Barbel, the river up around a foot and absolutely chucking through, it looked perfect but I had the added task of finding the fish as the deluge probably moved them all about, so as usual I deployed the centrepin and avon spigot 9BB armed with breadflake and small pieces of meat.

 As you can see from the pictures below I did manage a Barbel albeit a small one it still put a great fight and lost a bigger one of around 8-9lbs which was a great shame to have lost it but it does happen and that's fishing, plus also a solitary Chub of a pound and a bit. A good return considering the awlful conditions, let's hope the rain stays away now and allow the systems to drain out the excess water.

Richy's best of the two.

Look's like it should be Pike infested.
4lb 10oz, not the biggest but in pristine winter condition.
Starting to get cold now at 1pm.

Snug as a Bug.

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