Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Autumn & Winter Pike Challenge For 2014-15.

 Last season was my first real attempt at catching some Pike and I have to say that I had some fantastic trips in search of them which culminated in my PB Pike of 19.5, this lovely specimen was caught on the Royalty in October 2013, since then I have made a string of appearances on the magnificent fishery but not been as successful but more trips will be made to the Hampshire Avon as the weather gets much cooler.

 So far so good for the predators as a whole this Autumn, a new PB Zander of 4lb 7oz from Old Bury Hill and a PB Perch earlier in the season of 2lb 13oz, but a new PB Pike hasn't yet been found with my personal goal this winter is to find a 20lb plus Esox, I'm sure my want of a large Pike will take me across the country to many different fisheries - running & still in search of a fish that is still I believe the most exciting fish in our waters, over the last 2 months I have already been on the Wye, Thames, Avon ( Christchurch & Salisbury ) and a couple of other smaller rivers with varying success. Here is my current list of Pike so far.

    This list will be updated after every session that a Pike is successfully caught.

    Current total is at = 105lbs 14oz of 250lb being the challenge weight.

    Also 3 double figure Pike so far, target is 10 doubles and a twenty.

    Oct 18th - 11.9 ( Below ) & 15.1 ( Immediately Below )

Oct 11th - 4.8

Sept 12th-14th - 3lb, 2lb, 1lb 10oz & 14lb 12oz ( Below )

    Aug 23rd - 5 Pike to 3lbs

    Aug 17th - 2lb 8oz & 5lb 12oz

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