Tuesday 25 November 2014

Cov' Hoodoo.

Canal Zander fishing, not easy going.

 On Sunday a group of angling writers/blogger's made the journey to Coventry for a meet up to celebrate Jeff Hatt's birthday, a Zander fish in was decided on and I travelled up with Brian and Richard to have a go at those pesky feeder's. After missing our train at Euston and another £20 odd quid later we made our way to Coventry.

 The day planned was to fish until 6pm roughly and then retire to the warm pub - hopefully after catching a hat full or Z's, Richy and I were only fishing for ten minutes when he had already latched into a fish which turned out to be a jack Pike of roughly 3.8 when Jeff & Brian arrived, after meeting up with a few anglers whose blog's I have read for years we all split off into pods and fished a range of spots in search of Zander, I didn't have any joy throughout the day fishing wise and just watched on as a couple of Zander made it to the bank, Brian managed a couple 3.8 and Jeff had a 4lber, also a couple of others were landed by Danny who'd also hooked and lost a Perch in front of me which looked to be a good fish whilst drop-shotting.

Rick's Esox.

Jeff's birthday fish.

 Drop-shotting is something that I do need to take up as it looked to be the dog's bollocks in regards to presentation and life like movement whether it's a lure, jig or so on, I did pick up some tips that will surely be used at a later date, as dusk came and went the temperature dropped fairly quickly and as my ledgered Roach section lay dormant for over an hour the call of the cosy warm pub and a pint of Cider was to strong, I packed up and that was that, a tough day but no different from when I last visited the Cov', it seems to be my hoodoo and it's one I hope to crack soon.

A stunning sunset over the Coventry countryside.

A car outside my house after Monday night's frost.


  1. I think we all learned that drop shotting is not to be ignored, James. I'll be doing it soon enough, I reckon, if it catches when dead baits don't do so well

    1. It has to be done, it looked very efficient and I'm sure I will catch once it is perfected, I learnt a lot the other day but it was great to meet some new faces that I have followed for years. Was a good day, hope you enjoyed it.


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