Monday, 26 October 2015

A Little Change of Quarry.

 Having targeted the canals pretty much with all my spare time or seeking a one pound plus Dace on our beautiful chalk-streams I have neglected arguably our best fighting fish "the Barbel" and having finished work earlyish today I fancied heading out with a bag of pellets and sit behind a rod.

 Fishing static is something I don't usually do but I felt that with the milder weather today settling in that the Barbel would be feeding and after an hour with only a couple of little pick-up's my rod lurched round to my left, fish typical fashion the fish gave a very good account of itself in the deeper water, as the fish got ahead of me I prepared the net and she was mine, at first it only looked around 5-6lbs but when I got it out the river she was clearly larger.

Exactly 7lb.
 So having released that little powerhouse I headed downstream with Stu who took a couple of snaps for me and set up in another swim where I thought I'd have a good chance in doubling up but after another hour or so I decided to call it a day. Nice to have caught a Barbel after more than a month since I last went out for them.

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