Saturday, 3 October 2015

Canal Slabs. Imposter.

 To say that I have a certain drive to catch these elusive canal Bream in an understatement, witnessing double figure canal Bream is something not many people can say they have done, but for me seeing them is great as this means location is taken care of but I want to go one better and put one the bank.

A shot from another trip in the morning, so peaceful.
Autumn settling in nicely.
 The last time I went down was last Sunday, instead of a morning session I opted to head down mid-afternoon I suspected the fish would be in the upper layers of the water and upon arrival I spotted a few Bream basking but they were right out on the far-side of the canal which on the float was impossible to reach with the wind blowing roughly 15mph at times and at the wrong angle, I decided to move on and search out something else. The Bream were proving hard to locate and I only had an hour or so to fish I needed to find something if I was to not blank for a third time on the spin.

 Well when the Bream aren't playing ball there's always Carp I suppose, a lovely mid-double Common was rooting through the bottom under a narrow boat close to me so a quick change of depth on the float I flicked out a big lump of bread ahead of it and allowed it slowly sink, the Carp reacted immediately and came up off the bottom to suck it in first time of asking, how I love unpressured waters where you can do this, yes the Bream are tough but I suspect this isn't through being targeted by hoards of anglers.

 The Carp on the other end gave me a very very good battle on 5lb line, the fight lasted maybe 10 minutes before I got the opportunity to land her, once banked I put a number to her of 15lb 13oz which was very pleasing and my third largest canal Carp. Nice.

 The time it took to find the fish, play, land and photograph the Carp had consumed all of my time and I had to get myself out, another success on my local canal.

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