Wednesday 23 December 2015

In Search of a Personal Best Chub (Part Three).

 "Jean eating bollocks".

 This lark of loitering around rivers in search of a fat old Chub is good fun, never knowing what your going to find is exciting, but blanking is always a fear, especially when it's on a section of river or indeed a new river, blanking though is par for the course although I try to avoid that big fat zero as much as possible. This afternoon I simply set my stall out to get some bites going and went about this by feeding roughly two-dozen maggot/casters before every run through, at this time of year I shouldn't be feeding this hard but it took ages to get the fish feeding.

 Nearly 45 minutes had lapsed before I hooked a proper Chub and not one of those see-throw variety sorts, a serious puller which isn't what they are known for but this fish in particular had a flea up it's chuff, nice to have them pull back to be honest and when I finally got it into a nettable position I realised it was a decent fish with first guesses around "5.4-5.8", not a long fish but extremely well fed, I was looking for a "fat old Chevin" and I got one, bites were tough to come by but they must have come on the feed, six casts resulted in a further four Chub of various sizes then as if a switch was flipped the swim went dead, I plugged away for a further 30-40mins to see if I could get them going again but only resulted in three Dace to 7ozs, not bad either.

At 5.09 she has space to get larger, great fish.
 I do love the brassey flanks of a big Chub, this one fought well and it's no surprise seeing that it was proportioned perfectly, can only hope to see this fatty in a couple years time when she will be over the six-pound barrier.

 Also the shot below of the Chub that fell to the caster/maggot potion in that spell of trotting, I did manage another Chub of 4.03 further upstream to add to my mini haul for the day. The day didn't finish there either as I went upstream further in search of specimen Roach, the quest for a three-pound "Holy Grail" was to be resumed.
Not to bad for less than ten trots.
 Just an after thought though, is any body interested in buying these very well worn pair of jeans before I put them on eBay, just a little head's up though as they are missing the crotch area as I believe my bollocks have eaten it away, well they will be great for summer wearing ( plenty of ventilation ) ;)
Think I need a new pair.....


  1. I do believe those jeans would suit Mr Hatt's style. He is fond of the odd crotch-shot on his blog.

    1. Haha, could you imagine going commando (hand over face icon), that'd be funny, doing the pendulum lol. Imagine climbing a fence and snagging ol' santa's sack!!


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