Tuesday 22 December 2015

Itchen and Avon Grayling.

 It had been a while since I visited the Avon for Grayling, although catching a fish of two-pounds or more is unlikely I just wanted to get down there and have a good day out, Dace were also a possibility with the odd monster thrown in for good measure. My last visit to Salisbury yielded many Grayling but it was the Dace that got my attention with the best a smidgen off one pound, a return to that venue was never to catch large fish but to fill my boots and although the weather wasn't perfect for trotting as the wind was very stiff I still had a good bash at it.

Avon at dawn, magical times. How many monster Roach are here I wonder?.

 For this trip I travelled down with my father and we met up with Russell Hilton and his father for day's trotting, unfortunately when trotting it's hardly the type of fishing that allows you to be sociable as there was plenty of water to search through, the Dace were very forthcoming but only one of noticeable size which went 11.03oz, the silver darts just kept coming and with the mild weather they were in a ravenous mood which I'm sure prevented the Grayling from getting to the bait, I only managed a few Grayling all day with the best two going 1.11 & 1.07. I trotted various swims and holes to try sift through the hoards of Dace but I couldn't get away from them, with dusk approaching I went off in search of Roach but the swim I wanted to fish was occupied and that spelt the end of my trip there and my father managed plenty of Trout and Dace but we were both unlucky to lose a very good Grayling each, mine was clearly over two-pound and Dad's looked as close as.

Avon lady.
 Off now to the Itchen with a fairly early start I met Tom for a day's trotting for Grayling and maybe a shot at a Roach later on towards dusk, arriving at the river it looked absolutely spot on for some big finned beaut's, finding some deeper runs we both trotted a mix of maggot/caster and corn, the sport was very steady and at times I was bagging a fish a trot with some approaching the pound mark with the largest at 1.07 which was in mint condition, such a stunning species to catch and even the younger ones were mint, the driving wind and rain did make centre-pin fishing slightly difficult but we soldiered on through it and glad we did as the sport got better.

Itchen powerhouse.
I was happier than I looked. 1.08 of pure fighting machine.
 We both ventured onwards to find more fish with maybe a chance of some larger fish and I lost a really good one within a couple of trots in one specific swim which looked bang on for a large Grayling but she escaped quickly, it felt much larger than anything else that I'd connected with all day and I knew I wouldn't get too many opportunities like that, although later on I did have a 1.08 which put up a stout scrap in the pacey water, the rest of daylight was spent having a look around some more runs and having a trot for some Roach where I managed a few to 1.03 which again were pristine, I would love a return soon as some of those trots were a dream to work, the stocks of fish were good and the chance of a special fish lurking around the creases and slacks are pretty good.

It look's awesome.
I'll be back.


  1. Good read mate and was a pleasure to meet you and have you down... Look forward to next time!

    1. Likewise Tom, let's hope they play ball for you over Christmas and I will certainly try to get back down for another crack at it.


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