Thursday, 3 March 2016

Frome vs Stour.

 Today I had a bumper session planned with the morning in search of Grayling on the River Frome and the afternoon on the mighty Dorset Stour. Both of these rivers are still largely unknown to me, I've only fished the Stour a handful of times and the Frome only the once, so this trip today was as much exploratory as it was a fishing trip. The weather was almost perfect, the wind a little stiff at times although not enough to get annoyed at, the Frome was chugging through still, this made fishing difficult still in some swims but there was life.

 First blood was a baby Grayling around 6oz which took ages to follow up and when I finally connected with a bite I lost it just 4-5ft from the net, a Grayling certainly approaching 2lb which really knocked the wind out of my sail as it was fishing hard, but I wasn't to be annoyed for long as I landed a powerful fish that I thought was a lot bigger than it turned out, although I thought it was a "two". Alas it just missed out but a pristine male which made everything all seem a little rosier.

A chunky 1.13, which I thought would do 2lb but oh well...

 I spent the remaining hour or so trying more spots but I couldn't manage another bite. On to the Stour, it's a river that can be moody one day and fish it's nuts off the next, today it looked like it should have fished it's nuts off but I remained biteless from 2pm to around 630pm, I believe my setup, bait selection and swim choice were right but maybe the Chevin's weren't on the munch. I shall return for them before March 14th comes.

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