Sunday, 13 March 2016

Short, Sweet and Snotty.

 The season is nearly up with one more session to embark on before another action packed year is committed to the history books. Before tomorrow comes though I'll give a quick run through a trip from the back end of last week, it was initially in search of Roach but they were difficult to locate and ended up with nothing to show for our efforts which included a 5am start.....doesn't always workout for the best.



 Instead of giving up though I felt even though the Thames was in a shit state the misty conditions were too intriguing to ignore, amongst a multitude of Swans I managed to get myself amongst some sturdy river Bream in fairly challenging circumstances. It was good fun, an hour or so later I had bagged a dozen slabs to 6lb 8oz which was fairly decent going, maybe around fifty pound of snotty's was good and all on the trusty bread flake. Enough of that though, Myself and Brian headed off to continue with our faff of a session to catch some Chub, nothing big was targeted. A few small fish were banked along with probably upwards of a dozen Brown Trout to 3lbs or so. The session was ended quivertipping for Roach but these were a no show too, damn things know how to be evasive.

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