Monday 26 September 2016

In Search of Monster Chub: Part Four.

 During the last three weeks I've been watching the weather like a hawk for the potential of some rain, with Chub in mind and the knowledge of some areas now where large specimens are residing I simply want the conditions to be in my favour.

 Friday morning came and the forecast was bright sunshine and wind......just the conditions you do not want. Seeing as I and Brian had a few days fishing planned we carried on with the plan, we were Stour bound. It's a long river and packed with holding areas, a very difficult river to work out, the lack of opportunity to fish it and learn it faster is working against us. When it happens I think it's going to happen big time, in the mean time I will catch their offspring.....

A shade under 5lbs.
 Over the two days I only managed two Chub both over 4lb ( 4.13 & 4.9 ) but not the big ones although we did see them. Specimen's of over 6lbs could be seen flashing in and out of the vast banks of weed but were uncatchable, at one point a good fish of 5+ did nail a huge slug that I put on but unfortunately when I struck I somehow hit fresh air, that turned out to be my best chance over the trip. As the Chub fishing wasn't going to plan we both decided to fish for some Grayling on the way home to banish our Chevin blue's, two hours later and we caught nearly 100 between us, the fishing was crazy and I had a number over a pound with the best at 1.4, not monsters but very good fun!

 Over the two days I also saw a lot of nature at its finest, not to mention standing right next to three Deer curled up in a bush, as soon as I turned to continue trotting they bolted into the field behind, amazing to be so close to nature, in the evening's we were met with the chorus of Tawny Owls talking amongst the trees and the odd rustle of grass behind me which was probably Hedgehog's but they remained unsighted. Part five will soon be planned, just need the Chub to conform.

Wild as you like, caught at around 300 yards with my long lens.

Another stocky Stour Chub but not a monster.
That was the frustration boiling over, blasted Chub.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers!, I am hoping for some special fish but the effort will be put in, just a case as to whether they play ball. I'm touching wood.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Darren, I hope for bigger things soon, it'll happen I'm sure.

  3. We've seen the ones we're after, that's the first mission. And a beautiful place to fish - can't wait to get back...

    1. We did and I believe greater things will be on the horizon, just got to get back!!!

  4. Tougher than it looks, isn't it? I've struggled when I've fished it. I live 2 hours away so I hardly go but it is a lovely place to fish. Everywhere looks so fishy. Getting the conditions right is very difficult when you don't live nearby.

    Are you fishing day tickets? (I don't want to know where you're fishing). Good luck.

    1. I am a member of CAC, so I have access to many miles of river including the Stour and Avon, getting conditions spot on is a lottery, I've either been when it's hammering through and in the fields or gin clear and painfully low, not caught it in between yet but hopefully I will one day.

      It's not easy but the more I'm going the clearer the picture I feel I'm building, I will say one thing and that is I haven't blanked down there yet in 6 visits but equally I haven't torn it a new one. Just wish to get it right. You're right though, it's not easy at all

  5. Nice one. I was a member too but that was 7 or 8 years ago I think. I spent more time finding stretches, walking the banks and trying to get to know the area than actually fishing. I think the hardest bit is location so it looks like you're on your way to cracking it. Plus, looking at your blog you're a far better angler than me!

    You probably know this already but in the "Catching the Impossible" films a lot of the chub scenes with the late Terry Lampard were filmed on the Stour. There's a great scene where he catches a 7lb chub on the float(!)

    1. Terry Lampard was arguably the best angler the Stour had ever seen, to be fishing the waters as he did in pursuit of the same quarry makes it feel so much more amazing, I saw that very episode you eluding to and it was brilliant, the time will come, one day!.

    2. There is so much water to fish it's hard to pin it down but having walked them all I've scaled it down to 3 waters and those will be then whittled down to 2 come November, all good fun and luckily I'm catching along the way.

      In those 7-8 years the club has lost the Somerley and Folds Farm amongst some others, the club has fallen on hard times but has hopefully turned a corner, really haven't scratched the surface with the Chub potential and serious would love to slip the net under a 7lb+ specimen, it will happen!

  6. Yes, I only bought the CAC ticket so I could fish Somerley. (I struggled there too btw!). I gave up the ticket because of less time available and fuel costs etc. 4 hours on the road for a day's fishing got too much in the end for me. But I didn't think the ticket itself was overpriced. Incredible value for money, actually. I might join again. The locals always complain that the fishing is not what it was 20-30 years ago but what can you do? They're still very fortunate to have all that Avon and Stour fishing on their doorstep.

    Looking at their website CAC appear to have lost Gains Cross and White Mill on the Stour too? Gains Cross was really nice because it was so isolated. Total seclusion. I think other clubs still have some of the same water but their beats are on the opposite banks to the old CAC ticket.

    You've got the right idea. Stick to a few areas. You can't fish every stretch. Best of luck.


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