Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Summer Barbel: Rumble in the Jungle.

 Stalking Summer Barbel has to be one of angling's greatest aspects, locating fish gliding across sand/gravel runs and playing hide & seek in the numerous clumps of weed really brings the hunter out in an angler, walking miles before seeing the unmistakable shape of a big Barbel is part of the thrill, still there is always a nagging feeling in the back of your mind you know you've probably walked past two or three dozen fish before seeing the one, isn't it fun?. Before the rains come in late September to wash away the already dying off weed the Barbel have so many places to remain out of sight.

Butchering my way to the's there somewhere.
7.9, little sister ;)
 I have over the course of the last two weeks moved house so things have been a little up in the air whilst we get sorted out but I have managed to do a few scouting sessions, armed with a rod I've got myself in a couple of swims and fishing has been pretty good, to date since I started back in early September five Barbel have come to the bank in six trips, two of which came yesterday in the form of a stocky 7.9 Barbel and it's slightly bigger sister of 9.11. Not bad for 1-3 hours flying visits but it's clear that not much else is needed, when the rains do come I fully expect catches to improve and I will make a concerted effort to be knocking about when they do come, coincidentally talking about the weather, the two Barbel I had yesterday came as the mercury broke the 31c barrier, 31.2c to be precise which is crazy! it's mid-September.

Bigger Sister at 9.11, lovely dark fish.

 I have my eye on some big fish over the coming month, I have seen them so I hoping they slip up. Only time will tell........

Ready to melt again........


  1. Looks like an enjoyable session. Hoping for a whisker soon myself, feels like ages since I last hooked one!

    1. Haven't got a lot of time at the moment so these short sessions is all can manage so it's nice that I'm catching!