Monster Minnow.

 Now, most of the things I post on my blog are usually of species of fish that grow to large proportions but rarely small fish that grow to large proportions. A Minnow is often the scourge of any trotting anglers day but when they reach the dizzy heights of 18 grams, or to put it into context it was 77% of the British record it's hard to feel frustrated. Simply enormous and here it is !

 It is hard to not appreciate such an amazing creature, colossal Minnow and it's fair to say I won't see many like that in my life time. Needless to say it hammered my personal best for the species.


  1. Absolute monster, we're both on 18g now (different fish), first to bag a twenty?

  2. First to bag a twenty gram Minnow sounds like an excellent idea but in fairness I think we will be very hard pushed to beat those ! Bloody massive


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