Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Barbel Drought Ends.

 Barbel fishing for me of late hasn't been particularly easy, my previous three trips have resulted in just a Chub. The Barbel seem to have disappeared from the river but this baron spell has also coincided with the change in bait, since joining the Lone Angler team I have fancied giving their baits a go, so the previous three trips I have been chopping and changing between the Ocean Pride and the Sausage Sizzle dumbells. When starting again with a new bait it takes a little while to get the fish to feed confidently on it even if you know where they are!

 On Tuesday evening I finally made it out and after a days work and got to the bank with a snippet of light left so I could get organised. The river was in good order, but tap water clear so I felt a longer hook-length might pay dividends as the fish may pick up the lead (within view) and didn't want them to realise they were being targeted. The first two swims I chose didn't produce anything but after twenty minutes in my third swim the Hamster wheel spun uncontrollably! The rod bounced up off the rod rest and down the bank, I had to react swiftly to grab the rod off the ground whilst the fish tore off downstream. Just before the rod slammed over I said to my mate who I was catching up with that I hadn't had a sniff and was thinking of moving and it's possible the Barbel weren't holding up in this particular swim, I was made to look rather silly with my comment.

 Five minutes later I guided a decent frame into the waiting net. It looked good. But not a double, my guess of 9.8 was nearly right, 9lb 4oz the end result and one I was very happy with, Sausage Sizzle's first victim!

Another "nine", had quite a few this season.

 So I was happy to put some more bait in before leaving and headed upstream to another swim that does produce the odd fish in the winter. A few minutes later I saw a slight touch on my quivertip but didn't think too much of it, ten minutes later again my rod came alive and good solid fish stayed deep and low to the bottom, the fight was much better than the first Barbel so I instinctively thought it was a much bigger fish! It took a little while to get it up off the bottom and in the pitch black I couldn't see the fish until it approached the net. It wasn't as big as we both thought but nice to get another one on the bank and two in two swims. The second victim to the SS weighed 8lb 1oz and we both actually didn't think it would do 7½lb let alone 8lb+. A good evening's fishing and glad I've broken my duck with the new bait.

Short but really stocky "8".


  1. Oddly this morning James I found myself wondering where to fish, I chose the canal rather than the river but this is the sort of motivation I need to get back on the rivers. For me this season had been pretty mediocre and need to get a kick up the arse to get back to flowing water again.

    My PB came to a sausage sizzle squab, only need to smell them to know they will work.

    Effort deserves reward to nice one mate.

    1. It smells awesome but it's what it tastes like to the fish is what is important! I hope you do manage to get back out on the river, the conditions/weather so up and down but now the winter weather seems to be holding off for a while the Chub/Barbel fishing should improve even more approaching the end of the week (I hope). I'll be on the river during Thursday and Friday at least as I look to take advantage of some hungry fish. It has been hard down here too though Mick, been a fair struggle and time has been difficult to find too. I wish good luck Mick if you venture out soon and sure hope you bump into a lump.

      On a side note: Have you spoken to Mr Hatt or George of late, how are they both doing ?

  2. I'm hoping to get out as much as I can over the Xmas break, at least try and fish for a Chub or two.

    James, send me your email address...

    1. just drop me an email when ever Mick, The conditions are pretty good for Chub right now, I'm heading out on Thursday and Friday for a good trip out


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