Thursday, 5 January 2017

Finally, the Big Dace Arrive.

 During last season I had some very good session's on the Dace front, multiple catches of large fish were taken all the way through late Summer to the end of last season. This season has been a different kettle, I haven't targeted them as much as previous but should have had more, I feel the Dace have moved from where they were concentrated and simply haven't located them, until the other day I had managed one over 13ozs.

 13ozs represents a huge Dace, but I had one over a pound and lost one a few weeks previous that was also clearly over a pound, my conundrum was where would I find them and when. I went about trotting a few areas to find bites at the back end of the year and hoped to cross paths with a Dace, over the course of the last few months I've worked the same areas with various baits and the other day I finally got amongst the silver darts and they were pretty good stamp too!.

 Having made a couple of floats which I think look pretty good, I was keen to put them to good use, so here is how it went!.

 Maggots worked well in the clear water but found only whites/caster were being taken, reds were totally ignored except for the ever present Chublet and Trout.

My best of the day at 14oz 2dr.

Another really plump Dace.

12oz+  and sixth over 10oz during the morning.

My fishing partner and mobile maggot eater.

 All in all I managed six Dace over 10ozs with the largest weighing a clonking 14oz 2dr and on the gravels I could see bigger fish but the ever present Brown Trout were making the Dace very nervy and unfortunately after a while they switched off, the larger ones I know are present will be revisited.


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    1. Amazed how thick across the back they are too!

  2. James.

    The river Tudd in Norfolk use to produce me some big Dace for me in the 1980s. I once took a fish of 1.2 and another over a pound with 6 roach over 2lb from the Wensum. So I know how big Dace can get to you despite their diminutive size. Keep going, best wishes.


    1. That is a serious days fishing, could only dream of a day's fishing like that. Impressive fish are here, there but not necessarily everywhere. Just have to keep searching. In regards to the floats I'll post some pics up tonight hopefully, they're not perfect but seem to work well

  3. Should say the float looks great. Any chance of a close up as I'm also making dome, or should I say TRYING to.


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    1. I love Dace a lot, shame they aren't very widespread (large ones that is of course), when found they can be excellent sport.