Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Covert Carping Part Three.

 I find on a lot of waters ( especially the ones I fish ) that Common Carp seem to be more prevalent, in some instances I feel the ratio could be as much as 10:1, even on the canals I find so many more Common's than Mirror's and personally I prefer to catch Mirror's as they just look more characterful and more variation, Linear's are by far my favourite and it's been a long time since I've caught one, but fully scaled Mirror's rarely feature in my catches, could I catch a Mirror on this trip?

 A typically early start for me as I usually get these sessions underway before work and then hit the road in time for my first client of the day, when the conditions are right then anything is possible and on a nice barmy sunny morning the surface was alive with hungry Carp searching out an easy meal, I could only oblige.

Hungry Carp.

 For Carp which are seldom targeted they seemed fairly sly in how they went about mopping up the bread, something I suspect they do a lot of but it took three half hearted attempts to get the first of the two Carp to commit....silly bugger, I could have told it that it was dangerous to eat, but that's all the fun!

 A sturdy battle ensued as it tore sixty yards on it's first run, I thought for a few minutes that I'd latched into a real lump and the weight behind it seemed decent enough to think along those lines, only until I got the fish closer in could I get a better idea on size and I was surprised it wasn't bigger than it's fight portrayed. At 17.06 it was a good fish and it was a fully scaled Mirror too, perfect timing to break up the Common Carp monotony.

 The fun didn't stop there either as another Carp slipped up on the surface and when the mouth opened up to slurp down the crust I thought again I was onto another big fish, the fight this time around wasn't particularly impressive and once I got the fish in the net I could see why, age probably the downfall of this Carp and again it was a Mirror, not what I expected but it was a very old fish and on it's way down in weight as the frame dictated that it should be alot bigger with a huge rudder to boot, I suppose everything has to go out at some point. Great sport though, forty minutes of fun then off to work.

Smallest of the two, 16lb

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