Sunday, 16 July 2017

Short and Sweet on the Chub Front.

 With only an hour after work available I needed to quench my flowing fix, with my Mark IV in the back I loaded it up with a pin and was ready to go, only a little bait too meant that if it went off like it can at times then my trip would be very quick.

 I dropped into a couple of small spots that I often have success in proved fruitless which can be the case during the summer, I find Chub and Barbel tend not to stay in certain places for long so staying mobile and only giving each swim ten to fifteen minutes affords me the little luxury of fishing more areas, upon arriving in my third swim which does hold fish up until the first heavy floods was a success as on my third trot down my cane slammed over with a Chub in tow, from what I could see downstream it was half decent, a typical scrap played out in the main flow before giving up, 4.02 on the scales just to get my eye in as I hoped more would come to the bank.

 That confidence soon wore off though as I ran baits through another six swims without a single enquiry, I found that quite strange in truth but maybe with the pressure the river is currently seeing I wonder if a majority of the fish are feeding at night to avoid the attentions of us anglers?.

 It's an answer I'm not 100% certain of but all I know is that with the effort put in to catch the one Chub turned out to be crucial, nine swims, one take, one fish. Not often it's that tough but I'll take that.


  1. can't say it's been any better at night than day,but i am fishing static.3 trips-20 barbel,1 chub and 6 many fish in daylight as dark,but all the eels at night.

  2. lots of 7's.i only usually weigh them if they go 8+,and sure enough,the biggest went 8-1.some newly minted 1lb plus fish,which is nice to see.sadly an increase of 'plums' fishing up high with no net,and fatigued anglers,i use the term lightly,who can struggle beers and a takeaway to the swim,but can't manage to get to a bin,despite tying it up nicely.maybe they're groundbaiting for the rats which are starting to resemble capybara!

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  4. The bigger fish are coming out later, for sure. Only been out three times and just had one 8lb 2oz barbel, coming out at 11:30 at night on the middle river on a static bait. Fewer anglers down on the lower stretches, not met anyone around the allotments.


  5. There seems to be a healthy population of 5-8lb Barbel, larger ones are proving elusive on my three trips so far this season, I just try and get back down, time is spent elsewhere at the moment, maybe in the winter I'll try.


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