Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fun with the mark IV.

 After a long period of no rain we have now had plenty to give a little life to some of our rivers, much needed from what I was seeing leading up to the deluges that followed. Keeping it relatively local I ventured out for some Bream and Chub on Thames, a tiny bit of colour coming out of a tributary gave the waiting fish some cover and a few really comfortably, with only an hour to spare I decided to stret-peg a large lump of bread flake in the margins and hoped the action would be forthcoming.

 I didn't have to wait long, this mint Chub was the first up to slip my peacock quill under and for much of the hour I had available it barely stayed still, this river can do this from time to time and throw you a real good session, the Chub was around the 4lb mark and in great condition, the Bream were ravenous and 13 came to the net averaging 4lb with the best going 6lb 1oz, not monsters but brilliant fun, next time I fish for them I will try to spend longer on them and see what turns up.

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