Change, As Good As Rest.

 My carp pursuits this season have meant that most other species faced neglect, something at times I've struggled with as a varied season is always great fun, with the changing of seasons the quarry changes too, to be setting out my stall to target just carp will take a herculean effort, thats before I have even factored in the very challenge a forty pound carp represents, it hasn't been easy.

 Nevertheless at times whilst sat behind a couple of rods, awaiting that magical moment one of the rods goes off that I do need to keep my mind ticking and over, I have debated on what ways to do this and the only way I feel I can target the carp successfully is by having an occasional break, whether it be for carp elsewhere or a quick trip elsewhere for a different species. For roughly a week the thought of a Barbel session circled around my fishy brain and in the end I caved in, a few hours spare last week was just the ticket.

 Time to dust off the old cane and pin, it was Barbel time! Not that I needed reminding how well they fight seeing that I'd had a double just a couple of weeks ago which was partly the reason for my diversion on this particular day.

 This section of river used to get a lot of attention when I was younger as it held good heads of decent Barbel and I knew that there were good fish still present, knowing this information it was the area where I'd concentrate my early efforts. The fishing as it turned out wasn't going to be easy, very little showed itself for stalking and after walking anything between two and three miles the expectation grew larger until, finally I managed to focus on a couple of fish on a gravel run which ran close to a big bush in the river, I didn't expect to look for that long to get an opportunity, it did come however in the shape of a missile, long, lean and still in summer condition, possibly, it has to be said one of the most pristine Barbel thats graced my net in quite some time.

Absolutely mint! Around 6lbs.

 The fight was very good and it's lair didn't want to give up its resident easily as my Mark IV had to work hard before I was able to angle it close to the net, thankfully Brian was on hand to slip the net under it and was the opening fish of the trip which turned out to be the first of three fish, the other two came later on in the day, one around 4-5lb and the other settled on the scales at 7lb 3oz, not a monster but nice to get a trio on the bank.

Youngster, boisterous and full of fight. 

 After the third I headed back for the car and disappeared, I will be back, maybe in a few weeks or so, the carp aren't going to catch themselves!

Looking good just after dawn, along with a huge fly hatch.


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