Friday, 17 May 2019

Tangling with Tench, Part Two.

 Having been successful on the tench front just last week I was super excited to head back out in search of more, in search of something larger and continue my quest for a new personal best.

 I don't have access to the tench waters such as Bawburgh, Larkfield etc where the real big girls exist but I do have access to some lovely day ticket waters just an hour from me. Local waters simply don't hold much by way of specimens and if I am serious about targeting a double figure specimen then I feel that I need to put some serious time and effort into my tench fishing. At the moment I simply don't have that luxury, so when a half day or day crops up I make the most of it.

 Having enjoyed a thoroughly good days tench fishing I was champing at the bit to get back on it.

 The time had come, roughly two weeks ago now and I had the day spare so I set my stall out to target them all day and fished hard from 0715 to 2005 when I had to be packed and ready to leave the estate. It was fair to say I had a great day, tough at times mind you but the fish were perfect specimens of what you think tench should look like. Immaculate, plump and in real fighting fit condition.

 I spent the morning and evening enjoying steady action where during the middle section of the day I spent my time scratching my head as to why I couldn't tempt any fish. By the end of the day I had accumulated a bag of 12 tench with the smallest weighing 4lb 13oz and the largest at 7lb 2oz.

 Below are shots of a 6lb 1oz and my best at 7lb 2oz.

Best from this lake so far.

 I am convinced larger reside in this lake, hence my continued visits. I will hopefully crack it soon.

 22 tench in two trips. Six 6lb+ and One 7lb+.

 Tench weights and times below:

 6lb 9oz - 0829
 5lb 3oz - 1010
 5lb 2oz - 1047
 4lb 13oz-1312
 5lb 0oz - 1411
 5lb 1oz - 1632
 6lb 1oz - 1638
 4lb 15oz-1727
 7lb 2oz - 1840
 6lb 1oz - 1900
 6lb 1oz - 1911
 5lb 7oz - 1928


  1. Enjoy your quest. Bawburgh is close to me but I rarely have more than a couple of hours at a time. One day.....


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