Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Return to Stow.

 After a blazing success on my previous trip after Abramis Brama (image below), my focus was unwavering at the task set before me, fish well and hope to locate the fish and let the rest fall into place. Hopefully set a PB, again and move on through the 15lb barrier which was my initial plan and didn't think I would achieve something close to that with a single fish banked, jammy or what.

Proudly showing off my new PB!

 Conditions weren't great for bottom, notwithstanding I was there and had to make the most of it. On site for just after the gates opened I set about putting an irrefusable meal in front of them, smelly yet visible to any passing fish, all I had to do was sit and wait. I opted to fish over a bed of small pellet and corn.

 Problem was I did a lot of waiting and found myself scratching my head. No fish were showing, all the Carp boys were sodding off home early as nothing was happening, by 7pm I thought my fortunes were on the turn as porpoising Bream of epic proportions began getting closer to me by which point twenty minutes later I had a vast head of fish over my baited area, issue was is I wasn't getting any indications of fish feeding and came to a point at 2130 that I thought it was not going to happen.

 Fishing the back lead owing to the under-tow I didn't get any liners but those fish must have been feeding on my area, no way were they there that long and not go for a munch up. Gates closed at 10pm and I found myself pacing up to them at two minutes to ten. I really eeked out as much time as I could, but it just did not happen for me.

 Here are some blanking shots...

Awesome reservoir to fish, but can kick you in the plums!

Twin Delks on the job.

Camera on the piss...


  1. How on earth they do that I'll never know! Problem I have with backleads even though they must improve stealth is that it's like being deaf to fish in the area.

    1. I don't know how they do it, the shoal of Bream were over my baited area for 2/3 hours and not a single pick-up, I must admit I was dumbfounded, I tried everything except fish for them on the float at 2ft under the surface, with a dominant high-pressure system that day maybe the fish just weren't down in the lower portion of the water column thus not picking them up.


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