Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Tench and Butterflies.


 Went tench fishing, weather was crud and I blanked, I blame the weather.

 On to Butterflies....saw a few on my recent visits but most notable was the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary which are pretty rare and missed out on them last year, so this year I was chuffed to see them and a mating pair to boot made it into the photo reel, species number 53 ✅. The remainder now require long distances to check off but with diesel now around £2.00 per LITRE! I am now thinking twice about any journey made in the car as its bloody expensive, regardless of financial standings, most are feeling it....

Side on SPBF.

Mating SPBF's!

Lightning quick Wall Brown.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it takes some practice I tell you, fidgety gits :)

  2. You are doing very well on the butterflies James, there are very few about this year and another bad spring could be catastrophic. Maybe dig deep for the fuel whilst there are still a few to see.

    1. Thankfully here most species are doing okay, but nationally I do believe some sites are really struggling, I don't know what is happening but they need a helping hand somewhere along the line as I believe we may see one or two species becoming even more scarce. Chasing them is enjoyable but enjoying nature comes hand in hand given our affliction. Just hope the fishing picks up....


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