Saturday 2 March 2024

Upcoming Events.


 With one eye firmly fixed on the end of season glut I'm hoping to sample I also have a couple of events that I have been invited to talk in.

 Bear in mind this is first time I've ever done anything like this so god knows what it'll sound like and be for the listening public, but I've been asked whether its something I'd like to do, of course I said yes, so now it's time to start prepping as the first one (21st March) is at the RDAA (Reading & District) Fisheries Forum where I will be chatting to like minded anglers about my angling but mainly about the "Forty Rivers Challenge" that you guys all know about by now!

 Details for this evening of festivities is available below. However, in June I have been asked to open "The Barbel Society'" annual show at Notts County Football ground, this may well be a bit more nervy as I suspect there will be a fair few people attending and public speaking is not something I've done before and only been in front of a camera a couple times, so I have quite a bit of work to do over the closed season.

 If any of you guys are coming it be great to see you and looking forward to putting faces to names and meeting new people too, it will certainly be an interesting chapter personally, we shall have to see if it is a total disaster or an educational and light hearted chat among friends both old and new.


  1. I've done a few talks in the past James, my only advice is to relax, you have been invited and they want to hear you.

    Mind you, a 'rig clinic' at a barbel do? Good grief.

    1. I'm typically a very confident person, this however is not something I have done before, so fingers crossed it goes well.

      I guess the rig clinic would be of benefit to people less proficient than us!

  2. Would of liked to attend one, I will watch the highlights on TV! Good luck James!


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