Monday, 16 January 2012

The fish are playing hard!

  Its hard going on the river at the moment haven't had a Barbel in 5 trips, maybe its time for a re-think, ive seen a few Barbel in different places that i have not seen them in for years so i think the pressure is moving them to the more obscure swims, even see one as clear as day but couldnt tempt it, 2 night and 3 day sessions and only 1 Chub about 3lbs 10oz.

   This one was between 9-11lbs a very good sized fish, shame i couldnt tempt it.


  1. lol, see it washing past.
    Same here, nowt for 4/5 days. But got to be in in to win it!


  2. Managed to get one from the "Dustbin" tonight, 7lb 2


    1. You had any more joy over the last couple of days, 7lbs 2oz nice fish tho stu


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