Monday, 2 January 2012

Dawn Raid

 After a very productive 2011 on the Barbel front i wanted to carry on from where i left off, alot of rain over the last couple of days and the river was flowing up about 2 foot and very coloured, so in position before sunrise and had to ledger to keep the bait in place and after a couple of casts, i had a very confident wrap around of the rod and was in to a very good fish and after the best fight yet off of any Barbel to date, landed a 9lbs 2oz Torpedo, again in very pristine condition, seems to be like 90% + of the stock.

 This fish was my 3rd 9lbs + Barbel this season and still 3 months to go!

 Carried on with the session and went up river to try another spot to see if i can double my tally and nearly did, within an hour of starting at the new swim got a very strange take and the rod went solid, firstly i thought it was the bottom and then it started to strip line but i couldnt control it, too powerful in the extra water and bumped me off on a snag up-river, never did get to see how big the Barbel was, could have only been a Barbel far too strong to be anything else.

                                          9lbs 2oz (Good start to the new year)


  1. Replies
    1. Ive struggled over the last couple of days, have you or jeff had any joy recently??

  2. Not me, but Jeff tonight, around 7lb,


  3. Oh had a fish i rcognise as a10lb I had in the summer, on thursday night, srry.



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