Friday, 2 March 2012

Catch up....

 On Thursday my dad and I went for a short session down the river mainly to see if James senior could catch a Barbel that have managed to elude him on apparently too many occasions over the last few months, so the days task was for him to catch one and it did not disappoint as after just 5 minutes of fishing, we were into a nice Barbel and a good fighter it was too!. After a few relentlessly powerful runs that could barely be halted the Barbel did give up and the task was complete and a nice spring Barbel was landed and at 7lbs 5oz, the ol' bean was very happy. A picture for his scrap book.

 So after that bar of gold was revived and released it was my turn to get one but unfortunately didn't materialize as they must have been spooked by the commotion caused earlier, so we decided to up sticks and move up river but again had no joy in catching anything, but saw a couple of Carp and about 8 Chub to around 5lbs, but as dusk settled in we had moved down and set up in the slower stretch and did manage one take, which resulted in a smaller Barbel at 4lbs 4oz, so even when I come out to ghillie for the old man, I manage to catch a Barbel. Happy days still.

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