Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The last session

 Well today marks the end of a very productive fishing season for me and for Barbel one of my best seasons yet, but I did manage to squeeze in one more short session today and to say the least it was an absolute struggle, today saw about another 5 anglers on the bank and with only one fish caught by stu. After 4 hours of fishing and ready to head home I popped back into a swim I saw a Barbel in earlier in the day but it was a very whiley fish and has definately seen a piece of rolled meat as it twice picked it up in full view and spat it out right in front of me, its amazing to see just how quickly they can suck the bait in and blow it out again without getting hooked but third time around I made no mistake in allowing it to test wether it was cosher or not and whack!, I was finally into a Barbel to rescue the day in the last knockings and what a fight it was too, non stop lunges down into the deeper water and coming inside trying to lodge my hook in the debris but I was determined that this one was going to grace my net and after another couple more of minutes of battling I netted her and a load off of my mind, blanking on the last day of the season would not have been an option.

 A lovely Barbel at 7lbs 5oz another pristine fish and 52 Barbel caught since October with only 2 recaptures. More of the same next season please.

The last one for a while, make some little ones now.

Highlights of the season: Beating my Barbel pb now 11lbs 12oz was 11lbs 0oz.
                                         Since June 2011 having caught over 100 Barbel from my local Thames trib'
                                         Setting a new Chub record at 5lbs 10oz for the my little river.
                                         A 182lb bag of Bream on the Thames back in July
                                         My first river Tench at 4lbs 2oz
                                         A brace of 6lb + Chub off of the Thames
                                         Catching my first Rainbow Trout ever in Cumbria
                                         23lb bag of Roach back september including eleven 1lb + Roach
                                         Most amount of double figure Barbel in one season - 3

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  1. Lovely looking spring barbel, cracking season