Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cold night session

 After finishing work late yesterday and watching the highlights of my beloved Arsenal do over the scousers, I decided that i didn't really want to stay at home so I grabbed a feeder rod and my basic of tackle and headed off to the river for a few hours out in the cold in search of anything that fancied feeding in the moonlight.

 So after taking 40 minutes to get there I was eager to get setup quickly and get a bait in the water but unfortunately for about 2 hours that was all I did, moving through about 4 swims in the process, although I was joined by a very vocal Owl which kept me awake it has to be said it was very slow, as I tried so many different baits in each of the swims to no avail and it took me until just before 11pm when I had my first take and it was too quick for me as it came out of the blue and unusually I didn't connect with it but a good sign at least that something was hungry.

 With another 20 minutes ensuing after that take I got another take and this time I struck and fish on!, I thought to myself it's got to be a Chub because it fought well but just not strong enough to be a Barbel and when I got the fishes head up it turned out to be just what I thought it wasn't, a future  beast of 3lbs 3oz, small but very welcome.

 With that little Barbel released, set off to find another swim where I might get a bit more action, after another hours wait and building up the swim with little tit-bits, I got a vicious rip around there was no doubt in my mind that this was a better Barbel, charging around the swim like a train which I do enjoy so much, you come out in the cold of the night and pick your whits against catching a good one and you do, its the fight that has me hooked on this species so much. A good few minutes later and she was ready to surrender, a lovely 6lbs 8oz torpedo landed at about 12.30am, not the biggest but I am certainly not complaining. I did carry on fishing to see if there was another fish that wanted to grace my net but there were no takers. Another success, 46 Barbel since October a great season thus far!!

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