Sunday, 22 July 2012

One Last Outing

Due to a change in plans I managed to escape out this morning to get one last session in before I go for my summer break, after a 5am start I managed to catch 7 Roach to 9oz, 3 Dace to 7oz, 5 Minnows, 9 Chub to 4lb 1oz, 2 Perch to 4oz and a brilliant fight off of a 8lb 6oz Barbel whilst stick float fishing on the white maggots and caster which certainly provided a quality fight a different class compared to the rest of the species captured today, but after a very enjoyable morning it was home time to complete my packing.

One of my trotting stretches looking upstream.

A long 8lb 6oz Barbel.

Back to it's watery home.


  1. Nice barbel. And nice one landing the minnows - they were driving me nuts!! Have a great holiday

  2. Well done on that fish, this is a more Godly hr lol

  3. Cheers guys, good luck whilst i'm gone!