Saturday, 7 July 2012

Some recent captures

A trio summer Barbel caught over the week.

6lb 4oz

7lb 6oz

Also I did lose a big Barbel that estimated to be between 11lb - 12lb which could have possibly been a new personal best but it had other ideas and shunned me on a bank of weed and the hook fell out.

6lb 5oz (in the pouring rain)

I did also spot a Perch of a pound and a half minimum whilst landing a small Barbel of 4lb 10oz this morning.


  1. is that an Adder in your top pic?

  2. If yes excellant pic never seen one

  3. It certainly is mate, i saw that one and another three, that was up in Ghyll Head (near lake Windermere) in Cumbria whilst fly fishing for Rainbows, the Adders were very difficult to see but you know i've got keen eyes lol.

  4. Nice fish. And cool snake.

    Were either of you out on Sunday night / Monday morning? From the tide line it must have been a hell of a flood, wondered if anyone took a photo.

  5. I don't know about stu but i havent been fishing since saturday morning and not sure when ill get back out, i take it the river flooded big time.