Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Best Laid Plans

My last week at work before I fly out to sunnier climes I had one last trip planned in search of a double figure Barbel that I'm due, with the build up of anticipation over the last couple of days and the break in the relentless rain it all seemed to be falling into place but with one telling difference, the fish had other plans.

This was my lovely and very Barbel looking swim, a bit choked by ribbon weed but it wasn't too much of a problem, but unfortunately even with a few droppers of hemp and a couple of freebie pellets put out it still didn't persuade the fish to feed until the sun fell out of the sky, with my first take being a typical Chub wrap with nothing on the end, next cast out same thing happened and this time the culprit was hooked but it turned out to be a short and fat Chub about 1lb 8oz, not what I came out for but at least it was a fish.

After that Chub everything went dead again until about 10pm when I had a proper Barbel take which pulled the rod out of the rod-rest within 2 seconds I had lent into it and a fish on but after a very brief scrap it was gone, my target evaded capture bumping me off on a bank of submerged weed, dammmnnnn!.

So I landed a fish I didn't want and I lost the fish I did want, sods law. Back to the drawing board, so I changed my bait and cast a further foot past the ribbon weed into the middle of the river and again I had to wait until about 11.30pm for my next enquiry which was a carbon copy of the first take and again it came out the blue, totally caught unaware I jumped up to reach for the rod, not knowing by now the grass under foot was forming dew making it slippery I got up, grabbed the rod and striking it but as I struck it I lost my footing and ended up on my arse and with my feet in the make matters worse the fish managed to not hook itself thus ending up with a sore and wet bum and no fish on the other end not to mention feeling like bit of a plank whilst chuckelling to myself ( I glad no-one else saw that one).

It wasn't to be my night so by about 1am it was time to call it quits, the Barbel won this round and only my second blank on the Barbel front this season.

Off to Turkey me thinks to relax and re-charge the batteries. Tight lines guys whilst I'm gone.


  1. I can hear the circus music now as you struck that last bite! Have a great time in Turkey.

  2. Cheers Russell, What a laugh that was, a true comedy moment. re holiday - I will but its a proper last minute thing though! Happy Hunting and enjoy the sun.