Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fluff Chucking Part Four.

 On Tuesday, I popped out for a couple of hours with my fly rod again to use a couple of spare hours and spend some more time in the sun, the wind again was a pain in backside but it's becoming a constant theme with my fly fishing escapades, I started the day using a range of flies, some of which I have just purchased and had arrived in the post just before I was planning to leave, so the timing was great.

 I began my latest quest by starting at the bottom for a change in scenario, but I didn't see an awful lot in the first mile or so that I had walked when I bumped into a Kingfisher working one of the beats, flying up and down at a 100 miles an hour in typical fashion.

 I did manage to get a picture of it but as it was flying away from me, they are so hard to picture and for Mark of 'fishing for memories' to photo the one he did is amazing and I'm not a bird person at all but Kingfisher's are a nice species to see.

Peek-a-boo, I see you, noticed the chest in the branches.

 But after a long walk I did manage to find a Brown Trout and fairly large one as well and it wasn't long before I got into a casting position and had a chuck for it and on the second cast I got a slamming take as the Trout nailed my fly.

 A fight ensued for about 4 minutes after hooking up and it played around quite well in the deeper water, much to my delight and it was a good scrap as ever on the light gear.

  Another quality Brownie at 3lbs 10oz, absolutely pristine - not a mark on it, after a picture and a quick weighing she went back to join the rest that were in the swim, I then headed up where I found plenty of Trout between a few ounces and 4lbs but I couldn't manage to hook one, Stu had finally made it up to the top on his bike, a long way up for him and unfortunately he didn't get to see a fish on the bank as I did get another take but I managed to strike but not set the fly so it got away, but another day.

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