Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stalking for Carp.

 Up bright and early to head out and do some Carp fishing, 5.30am my alarm hadn't even gone off I could hear dad - James Snr already getting ready downstairs so I thought it would be about time to get out of bed and join him.

 Stalking for Carp is the best and only real way to fish for this crafty species, any other way does not seem to give you the same satisfaction as this technique, well that's my opinion, each to there own though I suppose, but finding a fish and waiting to see what it's reaction is and at the same time remaining totally out of view then, picking the correct time to cast and getting the cast perfect first time, because anything less almost always ends up spooking the Carp especially in clear water, but today both my dad and I managed to successfully stalk a Carp out each.

Dad's Carp was the first to be caught when he found a large Common, that was followed in by another 3 or 4 Carp and this one that he caught was one of the other fish and after a good scrap of about 5 minutes this 17lbs 5oz Common was banked.

 Then as the early morning session drew to a close, I did also manage to get a fish in the form of a fantastic looking Mirror Carp which also did put up a great fight, but something very uncanny happened when we weighed this fish just before the photos, the weight was the same as the ol' man's Carp of 17lbs 5oz, we weighed it twice just to double check but it was true the second time as was the first, very uncanny indeed but who cares we both went home all square and an enjoyable mornings fishing and well worth getting out of bed for.

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