Wednesday 1 May 2013

Operation Clean Sweep Part One.

 Over the last month or so since the season had finished, myself and a couple of my angling friends and youngest brother have been walking the banks of one of my local rivers and finding the swims that need some heavy work done to them in order for them to become fishable, not to mention make some of the less aesthetically looking swims much better to improve the flow as well.

 A few weeks ago I also did a days work on the river in another stretch where I removed a king size mattress, 2 bicycles, about 6 traffic cones, trimmed back a lot of dead branches and trees, about 15 bags of recyclable materials.

 After 5 hours of hard work on Monday, my brothers Richard and Chris and myself put in some hard work to remove a load of debris, which consisted of a large moped, a ton of mixed rubbish, plus loads of submerged electrical cable about 30 meters of it that was mostly buried under layers of gravel and silt, which we managed to extract after about half an hour of pulling and cutting, also as we were blitzing that small area Stu was keeping an eye on base camp as we toiled out in the river, most of the debris we pulled out, we believe has actually come from the allotments of the other side of the river, where it has just been easier for people to dump the stuff over the bank and into the river without any sort of consequence. (excluding the moped).

Just about everything you could think of was here in this swim.

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