Monday, 2 September 2013

Chub, Chub and more Chub.

 Barbel fishing recently has been a success, with a few Barbel coming to the net just over 8lbs, so a couple of days ago I headed off out in search of another Barbel, as I made my way down and joined up with Stu, we decided to head to a swim I have recently found them in and as we headed into the swim a Barbel of around 6lb flashed up, that was the only invitation I needed, out came the Barbel grub and cast straight out, but instead of it trotting down towards the fish, it caught on a bush and in trying to flick it off it spooked off the Barbel and the swim was dead, but within 20 minutes a Chub was on and it wasn't long before it was netted, around about the 3.4 mark.

 As the day went on the Barbel frustrated me and was only met with one other take which was in the form of another Chub, which weighed 4lb 3oz, a good Chub but not a massive, only one other Barbel showed itself and it was a good fish, definitely a double but it evaded capture, but I'll be back to catch her.


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