Saturday 7 September 2013

Chalk Stream PB Chub.

 A few hours spare, I decided to grab a trotting rod and headed down to one of my local rivers, the aim was simply to catch whatever I could find, I fished a few good swims and with in the first hour or so I caught a cracking Chub of 5lb 11oz, a new PB for this river and my third biggest ever Chub, also in the same swim I hooked and landed a crazy Barbel that gave a good go at showing me why even small specimen's are worth catching.


Only a little guy, say 4lb or so, but great fun.
 During the winter this fish could easily go 6lb and it's the second 5lb + Chub from the same swim in two weeks, it certainly showing some pedigree, is any larger ones lurking there? only time will tell, later on in the session I caught a few small Chub, an Eel around 2lbs and a couple of pristine Roach.
Both 5ozs or so, from the same batch and absolutely pristine, scale and fin perfect.

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