Friday, 14 March 2014

A No Show.

 Wednesday and Thursday were reserved for Roach fishing and with my hope of catching a 3lb Roach firmly in mind that was the species I targeted, but to put a long story short the two sessions didn't go to plan as the Roach must have had their heads down and clearly not feeding on both occasions on two different rivers, but on the Thursday it wasn't a total blank.

Amazing speed of the Kingfisher.

Blink and you've missed it.

 Basking in the lovely sunshine whilst quiver tipping for Chub as it turned out, as the Roach weren't feeding the Chub as usual were and I had three Chevin's to 4.14, the others at 4.0 & 3.10, all put up good fights but not the species I set out for and the trip out didn't end there as I had given up hope of attaching myself to a Roach I headed off down to the Thames after dark and went cage feeder fishing for Bream where I was very successful, with 14 caught to a weight of 7lb 14oz and another four of which were over 7lbs, I accrued over 50lb of Bream in just over an hour, they were certainly on the chew.

Nearly mine.

The biggest of the day at 4.14

The biggest Bream of the night at 7lb 14oz.

 But the session didn't end there either, a good fish crashed out just in front of me and my hunch was that it was a feeding Pike, I didn't need a second invitation, within 30-40 seconds of casting out the rod slammed over and whatever it was that crashed out had now grabbed my small diver, I powerful fight ensued on the 6lb line I was using but I've overcome many Pike on lighter gear so I wasn't praying for it to stop and come in as it was fairly impressive, but I had not yet seen it but I knew it was a good one.... Then all off a sudden it came careering out the water and done a brilliant tail walk in front of me, showing me it's full length and as I had just seen the entire fish for the first time it was to be also the last time as it worked the lure loose and flew off into the night, the Pike was gone..... I estimate it to have been around the 14lb mark, quite disappointed to be honest but it wasn't the first time that has happened and won't be the last, nearly time more session today. 


  1. Well, I was expecting a real grueller going on the title but you've had some great fish! Hard luck with the roach and hope you find them today.

    1. It was tough although not a disaster, I didn't manage to capture a single Roach in three days but it is never easy finding and catching specimen Roach but now its over to the Crucian Carp.