Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Winter Pike Challenge Final Chart.

My accumulated list of Pike caught this season, my objective was to catch 200lbs and also trying to catch five doubles amongst that total weight, of course it's my first season that I have targeted this species in particular, so I had already caught a new personal best and caught more than all my years in angling, I hadn't been disappointed at all by the amount caught, due to the awful weather and inability to reach the rivers as they were out of their banks as I know they were all through the British Isles, hopefully next season the weather is alot better and we don't get bombarded by rain.


5.13, 2.1, 5.3, 11.3, 2.6 ----- Total: 26lb 10oz


4.14, 2.13, 3.1, 2.8, 2.3, 19.5, 6.0 ----------Total: 40lb 12oz


8.13, 6.0 ---------Total: 14lb 13oz


10.11, 5.0, 5.6 ----------Total: 21lb 1oz


5.15 ------Total: 5lb 15oz



Overall Total : 113lbs 13oz, unfortunately I did not reach my target but it was exciting all the same, more of the same for next season.

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