Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mirror Mirror.

 Well 5 days remaining of this seasons coarse sport, it leaves me with a small amount of time now to get out but I will hopefully manage a couple of trips out in search of Roach, as like most other species will be looking to spawn soon as spring settles in and they approach top weights and my chance of capturing my "Holy Grail" could be at no better time of the season than now, but let's catch up on a session that I embarked on at first light Saturday morning after Carp on a lake out in Surrey.

 During the morning the Carp were very lethargic and due to the cloudless night the temperature was fairly cool even though the sun was very warm and the first bite came after around an hour of fishing, which was subsequently missed, it all happened so quickly I missed it, but the following 2 casts provided me with 2 Carp, one of which about 4lbs and the other 10 lbs 1oz both of which were Common Carp and the lakes that I visited are stocked predominately with Commons plus a very small head of Mirrors and Leather Carp, I've only had one all season from here and that was 35lb 8oz, so they do get large and 40's do exist too, something to look forward to on 6lb line and a centre-pin on the waggler.

 The bay I was fishing was starting to show signs of activity as tail patterns and small bubbles started to appear, then after five minutes the swim went dead, although it seemed.... I reached into to my bag to grab a sandwich and the centre-pin screeched as a fish made off with my small bread offering, with no need to strike I leant into a good solid fish and for more than 7 minutes it led me the merry dance although I had it close to the net twice, the feisty Carp constantly made powerful surging runs out of the bay and into the lakes deeper water, after carefully getting the pristine specimen to the net I rested up for a few minutes as my arms were shot. I only had banked a Mirror Carp, one of only a few.

Immaculate, I want to catch more like this, very pretty.
Another double, fourth Common Carp of the day.

 It was one of the prettiest Mirror Carp I've ever caught and it looks as if it has the capacity to be a very big fish, let's hope it does..... At 16 lb 4 oz by far not the biggest Carp I've caught but indeed very much perfect and the day didn't stop there either with a further two Carp caught, 7.1 and 12.14 these were good battlers but not monsters and then the float started to lift and dip constantly as the Carp finally vacated my very fishy swim and the scores of Rudd moved in but I was unable to catch any even though I scaled down the gear, a lovely afternoon was ended on five Carp and that was a fulfilling days fishing, only a few days left and then it's over to the Brown Trout on the fly, but before then I will targeting some specimen Roach with the view of catching some more 2's and if the weather gods allow a 3lb Redfin.

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