Friday 13 June 2014

Carp Agenda.

 It's nearly holiday time and before I go away to hotter climes I have been attempting to catch some Carp and have had varying success stalking them, squeezing as much time in around work has been easier said than done but nevertheless, I had embarked on a couple of trips before work, whilst getting up and out before dawn is perfect to avoid other life it certainly has it's benefits for catching Carp too.

 For the first two trips I managed to draw a blank and found the fishing pretty hard going, with very few fish showing it took a while to find them, the third trip provided me with a better opportunity to catch some Carp and I made good of a very confident shoal of plated Mirror Carp when one of the bigger fish sucked in a lump of bread flake at the first time of asking, just the way I like it, a typical strong and assertive battle played out with the result being a 15lb 1oz Mirror and a very good looking one too, which looked like an old fish but on the flip-side it fought very well.


 After catching that fish I found a wide open part of the lake which I spotted some Carp with their backs out of the water combing the surface for anything to eat and did get a take off one of them but with the masses of weed present the hooked fish headed straight for a bank of it and lost the fish almost immediately, losing fish is a shame but fishing such a weeded lake and confined in some places-losing fish is inevitable as I refuse to lock up on fish, I don't personally agree with it, I just won't fish the spots where that is the only way, if I assess the swim and I feel extricating a fish safely is possible then I will attempt it, otherwise I'll stalk them until they appear in a more favourable position to cast and land my target.

 This is the reward for such a task, caught from a fairly open swim but also had plenty of weed banks and sunken trees which this Carp headed for on a number of occasions but with enough coaxing the fish headed out into deeper open water where I could then tire it out and bank another early morning Carp, by 7am my session was done and packed up to head for home. Short and sweet, but now it's time to land some bigger Carp as I have seen plenty of twenty plus fish and a couple well into 30lb + fish, only two days left and I'll be on a beach in a different continent.

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