Sunday, 1 June 2014

Super Spotty's

 As the coarse close season draws to a close my fly fishing quest will also draw to a close as it has done over the last couple of years and although a large Trout isn't on my target list with the time available I thought that a short trip out with the fly rod would be nice and spend a lovely spring afternoon ambling along one of my pristine beats of Trout water in search of a brownie, the last 2 months have been good Trout fishing with the first couple of sessions proving tough, as the temperature has increased the fly life has improved hence the larger catches of Trout.

 The tackle used was my standard 8ft - 4 weight fly rod with a selection of flies to tempt the spotted athletes, I started fishing the usual haunts and in my first couple of casts a small brownie rose and hit the fly but I contrived to miss it twice but it didn't attempt to take it again unfortunately, I did however have one shortly after plus a small Chub put in an appearance which took a fly with some serious gusto, the brownie was only a small one of around 10ozs with the Chub being roughly the same size.

 This first small one was to be the start of a fantastic session on the fly which saw me catch a further 6 Trout between 2lb 3oz and 3lb 15oz, I've experienced some very good sessions but not this amount of large brownies in one trip, most of which were caught on a brown dry fly that was taken practically on the drop with every Trout caught apart from the largest with which I needed three chances in order to connect to it.

The first of the larger Trout at 2.13.

The second at 2.6.

Number three at 3.1.

The largest at 3.15, a pristine specimen, pure magic.

Safely back and ready to fit another day.

Number five at 2.14.
 The largest of the five substantial Trout were at 3.15 gave me one of the best fights I've ever experienced, more than five minutes of powerful runs with one of them heading 30 yrds downstream and nearly burning out my reel it screamed off so fast, great fun indeed. Later on during the session I did have another two Trout one around 2.8 and the other was a small one of 4ozs, which bodes well for the future, with a couple more Chub to a smidgen under 4lb and a couple of Dace, but near to the end of the session a nice big Rudd showed on the surface and took a recently hatched fly right in front of me and duly vanished, I did happen to get the Rudd to rise for one of my flies and I'd spent twenty minutes trying to get the cast right, I hooked into a good Rudd, well over a pound and I got it to within 10 foot of the bow net and the unspeakable came off!!!!, if dropping my phone into the river wasn't enough to take the gloss off the day that goes and happens, proper gutted for I spent a long time specifically targeted that Rudd and actually got it to take the fly, such a shame.

The best Chevin of the day.

A smaller Chub, ejecting milt.

Some of the parts that I frequent are very picturesque and fishing them is a joy.

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