Friday 31 October 2014

Predators Part Eight. Fish With Fangs.

 After all it is Halloween but we embarked on our session to deepest Dorking for my first trip out for some Zander, we being myself and Brian who has had varying success already at Bury Hill and after so many years of reading about it in the press (angling) I thought it was high time I got involved, an early start was required as we wanted to get the early morning feeders before daylight kicked in.

 Within an hour I had my target on the bank albeit a miniature, but regardless of size it was a Zander and Brain didn't have to wait long either as the kindergarten were on the prowl, but now we had caught it was time for something a little larger. 10 hours later...........and a dozen or so touches had kept us remotely concentrated, oh and Brian had another Zander around 2.8, it is a stunning fishery and it is easy to see why it is much loved by many anglers and as we had purchased night tickets we had the benefit of staying until 9pm and as time wore on a hefty Badger came to within about 5ft of me - that incidentally is the second alive one I have seen, the rest have been roadkill.

First blood.

 Cue 8pm and the penny literally dropped as my inside rod started to have line peeled off of it, a confident run at last was met with a solid strike, as soon as I could feel the Zed on my mind immediately went to fish god's prayer mode, after so many hours of idle angling I had finally connected with a better fish and I wasted no time in getting, my net lay in wait as a decent but probably average Zed cruised in, I was elated it has to be said and a new PB to boot on what turned out to be the last action of the evening. So here it is my new personal best of 4lb 7oz, something to build upon but it's not a trip I will be making every week that's for sure!!.

My new PB of 4.7.


  1. Nice one James. I like them but it's a few hours from the South West to find venues with them in. I had a dabble in the Coventry Canal the other day and like you had a couple more to add to the only one I've ever had previously. Much smaller though. Well done. Solid fish aren't they.

    1. They are fantastic looking fish, I'm contemplating a visit myself and see if Jeff fancies a fling for them too, its a cracking bit of water (cov' canal), time I went back. Bury hill is a lovely place but so excessively priced, shame it is because if the prices weren't so extortionate they will fill the fishery day in day out especially with the low numbers at the moment you'd think they would revise them down to attract more anglers that are currently priced out. Well done too on the cov' Zander I found it very tough indeed, probably through lack of knowledge than anything else.


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