Sunday 12 October 2014

Predators Part Six. Hooked.

 Plenty of quality and Pike looking lures have arrived on my doorstep over the last couple of days and I needed an excuse to go out with a view of test driving some, but I wasn't alone as I was joined by Rich and Brian for a days guided fishing in search of Pike, so being the host for the day I wanted to make sure that we found some predators, but that is always easier said than done, dawn saw us start on the Thames with a selection hard bodied lures, jigs and spinners. It wasn't long before either of us started getting indications that fish were feeding but were constantly bumped off, this was the scene set for the morning's fishing.

 By 10am the sun was out and was basking in lovely warm sunshine akin to a summer's morning not mid-october, things were tough so we decided to change tact and head onto some lakes which for me turned out to be a stroke of good fortune as my gold spinner was smashed by a sturdy jack of 4lb 8oz, plenty of jack's so far this season.....but I wanted to see Brian catch so we carried on fishing on the lakes but all that came along was a couple of Perch for me which were in fantastic nick.

 Time was pushing on quickly and I wasn't planning on staying out all day due to our early start, so I was happy when I turned around to see Brian cradling a jack of a couple of pound, not a monster but it was the target and we saw so many Pike looking swims that will certainly get fished come the winter, the session for me did have a low point when my large diver was smashed by a decent mid-double figure Esox as it hit the lure it rolled a foot or so under the surface and spat the treble that I thought had held well, but seconds later it was all over and a big shame.

 The rest of the day passed by without much drama and no more Pike were caught, but a nice Perch caught at dusk was a decent way to finish the day but the highlight of the day was surely a pair of rutting Red Deer who's battle ground was in a shallow part of one of the lakes we fished.


  1. Wonderful shot there James! Need to get out mobile for some pike myself.

    1. The intention was good on Saturday but the loss of that mid double was a blow, we were very privileged to have seen that show put on by the two stags, I did ring off a few shots but some other people there had some serious photographic gear, ££££'s worth, it can be a serious game that.

  2. Buy a new one. I'll take the old one of your hands


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